Our [Ever-Growing] To-Do List

Our list will obviously grow with time, but here’s where we’re at now (last updated July 12, 2013). We’ll cross things off as we go, and link to projects if we ever actually get around to writing about them!

Upstairs Unit

Install heaters in living room, office, kitchen, bedroom

Install grounded outlets in living room, office, kitchen, bathroom, dining room, bedroom

Strip paint from old door hardware and reinstall: bathroom, dining room, entry closet, dining room closet (July 2012)

Strip old paint/repaint doors: bathroom, dining room, entry closet, dining room closet

Strip old paint/repaint doorways: living room, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, entry closet

Put up plastic window insulation film for winter / Remove in spring

New kitchen (just putting it here as this since it will be a big job…)

Build walk-in closet in attic

Install roof windows in attic

Install wainscoting or white subway tile in bathroom

Install new shower head (July 2012)

Tear up bathroom floor and replace with (black?) hex or penny-round tile

Tear out existing sink/counter and install new sink  (June 2013)

New medicine cabinet and built-in-style shelving

Install dual flush system (until we get a new toilet)

New toilet seat (until we get a new toilet) (October 2012)

Get clawfoot tub refinished

Figure out schizophrenic lighting (remove non-working ceiling fixture?)

Install new bathroom fan

Install towel shelf above doorway(?)

Move tub closer to wall so the door can open wider (possible?)

New stairs to attic bedroom


Main Floor Unit

Convert existing basement stairs to closet

Move living room doorway / convert it to main unit entry

[remaining TBD]


Tear down existing walls / convert to 1-hour burn walls

Tear down wall separating units / replace with open stair railing

Paint new walls and railing

Paint entryway floor with existing paint (for the time being until flooring is determined)

Carpet basement stairs and conditioned space (when basement “entry” is finished)



Install new porch light with photocell (July 2013)

Remove juniper tree (July 2012 and October 2012)

Replace existing rock/concrete chunk wall with new retaining wall

Patio front part of side yard

Install lighting in side yard(?)

Replace front steps

Consolidate entry / Install new singular door with sidelights

Strip/stain porch ceiling (or just paint…)

Paint house & garage

New house and unit numbers

Yard plantings around house and planting strip (street trees?)

Raise up/level backyard for lower unit

Clean moss off roof (March 2013)

Clean uppermost gutters (March 2013)

Install rain barrels on downspouts (July 2012) / Get downspouts tied into sewer system (October 2012)

Install gutters on the garage

Rip up concrete walkway/platform in backyard

Create new patio with pavers in the backyard

Fence lower unit’s backyard

Replace basement window frames and glass

Install shingle siding on attic dormer

Add small fence with gate around next door neighbors’ gas meters

Cap off old basement stairs / knock down old back door area to create small wrap-around back porch




Install interior slab cut footing drain (January 2013)

Install new sump and sump pump (January 2013)

Tear down “Panic Room” walls (December 2012)

Tear down “Panic Room” ceiling

New insulation (existing insulation wasn’t installed properly)

Tear out old work bench and framing (December 2012)

Replace windows—North, East1, East2, East3, South1, South2, West1, West2, West3

Tear out scary laundry shelf

New basement stairs





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